Venturing Into the City Centre (Level 3)

This eight-hour course over two, four -hour sessions is aimed at adults who have completed Pedal Ready’s ‘After quiet roads, the next steps’ course or who already cycle on quiet roads with confidence but are nervous about busier roads. Each four hour session is split into:-

One hour theory followed by a two hour practical followed by one hour theory / feedback.

The practical sessions will cover two different circuits round the city centre to ensure you experience all the traffic situations you are likely to meet in city centre cycling.

Location: Pedal Ready, Scotia Works, Leadmill Road, Sheffield, S1 4SE.

What you need: In order to take part in these sessions you should:

  • Be confident cycling in quiet roads and have some experience of cycling on busier roads such as Ecclesall or Abbeydale Road or,
  • Have completed Pedal Ready’s, ‘After Quiet Roads the next steps’ course or,
  • Have been recommended to do this course by a Pedal Ready trainer and
  • Have your own bike (we may be able to loan you a bike if you do not have one – you should phone Pedal Ready to discuss this).

What you’ll learn: These sessions aim to build on what you’ve already learned to give you the confidence to do cover all the outcomes for the National Standard Cycle training highest level. The syllabus you will cover is:-

  • Preparing for a journey
  • Understanding advanced road positioning
  • Passing queuing traffic
  • Hazard perception and having a strategy of dealing with hazards
  • Understanding driver blind spots
  • Reacting to hazardous road surfaces
  • How to use roundabouts
  • How to use junctions controlled by traffic lights
  • How to use multi-lane roads
  • How to use both on and off-road cycling infrastructure
  • Dealing with vehicles that pull in and stop in front of you
  • Sharing the road with other cyclists
  • Cycling on roads with a speed limit above 30mph
  • Cycling in bus lanes
  • Cycling in pairs or groups
  • Locking a bike securely

Supported by experienced Pedal Ready trainers you will be learning with a group of other adults who are at a similar level to you. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss and practice dealing with the hazards you encounter on the course.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available at Scotia Works.

Book by emailing or phone 2412775

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