Club Cyclist Course

For new club cyclists – a six session, cycling skills and group riding course.

The aim of these sessions is to enable individuals to develop the skills to ride safely and competently in a group situation through, individual and group riding skills, basic and intermediate cycling technique.

By the end of the course you’ll have looked at the following skills:-

  1. Basic cycling skills: Mounting and dismounting, safety of bike and rider, pedalling action, foot position and general cadence rate.
  2. Balance and co-ordination: Balancing on a stationary bike, balancing on a moving bike, manipulating points of contact with the bike, leaning the bike, swinging the bike, riding when in contact with other riders and co-ordinating movement with other riders.
  3. Braking: Braking when riding in a straight line, braking during cornering and emergency braking.
  4. Gear selection: Gear Selecting prior to and during cycling.
  5. Cornering: Approach to the corner, cornering and exiting the corner.
  6. Climbing: Climbing in and out of the saddle.
  7. Descending: Body position when descending.
  8. Group riding: Leading, following, riding next to another rider, riding surrounded by other riders, changing position in a group and club ride etiquette.


The sessions will start at the Forge Valley Cycle Track, Wood Lane, Stannington. The first three sessions will be based entirely on the track and the final three sessions will be a mixture of track and nearby road.


£3/person to cover hire of the track.


Contact the office for more info. Booking essential: email or phone 0114 241 2775

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