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A Christmas Poem by Julia Patrick

Julia Patrick has a Cycleboost bike and re-started cycling at Hillsborough Park Cycle Confidence sessions during 2014.

Welcome to my Christmas poem, I’d like to thank you for the year -
Seeing how we’ve all come on, conquering our cycling fears.
For me, it started with an online form, and without really a clue

I got me a bike, from Cycleboost!

I also found out about Pedal Ready,
Where you learn at your own pace and just take it steady.
I was pretty nervous at first, and wobbly

(Of course I live in Walkley where the streets are steep and cobbly!)

But after two one-to-ones with Rocky and Ken
It soon all came back, and like a kid again
I discovered ‘on me bike’ a new side to our city:

Saw previously unseen places, both ugly and pretty

The Five Weirs Walk in its urban glory,
Nearly fainting, having reached Dungworth, but that’s another story.
There’s so much to discover on our wonderful part of the planet!
So, encouraged by Cheryl, Marilyn and Janet,
Ann, Ann, Dave, Dave, Tony, Geoff, Ken, Angie, Pascale, Roy, Yusuf, Caroline,
Pam, Sarah, Anette, Wendy, Amy, Graham and Simone,

And SO MANY others, I could go on and on.

I also see now how, in a car, how much you’re missing
So I drop in conversation now, to whoever will listen -
The benefits of cycling, and how our class of 2014 have all come so far.

A bit like a young Eastern couple, who once followed a star,

And how, if Mary and Joseph had each had a bike,
They’d have got there much sooner, and found a room that they’d like.
They could have had wifi and a mini bar, but sadly they weren’t able,
And something special happened that night, in a stable -
A one roomed affair, with mud on the floor*

(I wonder what that was like? I must find out more!)

A bit like that night, something special has happened here,
And now all that remains is for me to wish you good cheer,
As we Pedal, Ready friends, into the new year!


Merry Christmas to everyone at Pedal Ready and Cycleboost, from me.


* The one-roomed affair with mud on the floor, is of course a little tribute to our kitchen and seating area in the Hillsborough ranger hut!

CSawards group14

Sheffield Cycleboost wins award

Sheffield Cycleboost (A partnership of Pedal Ready, Recycle Bikes and Get Cycling) won an award for Cycling Initiative of the year at the first CycleSheffield awards ceremony on Monday 15th December.

Sheffield Cycling 4 All scheme – which runs sessions in Hillsborough Park – was awarded Grassroots Initiative of the year. Olympic torchbearer Caroline Waugh, who collected the award, learned to cycle on a trike after a car accident left her with brain injuries.

She said: “I’m disabled and cycling has totally changed my life – I want it to change others’ lives because I know what it is like not to have freedom.”

Other winners:

Chain bike business – Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative: cycle infrastructure – Sheffield railway station cycle hub: media cycling story – Adam Page, Princess Abumere, Chelsea Hawkins and Aminah Jagne: cycling initiative – Sheffield Cycleboost, independent bike business – Bike Rehab: campaigner of the year – Karen Hisom: best grassroots cycling on social media – Ellen Beardmore, The Star: best act of kindness – Claire and Darren Harrison and grassroots cycling initiative of the year – Sheffield Cycling for All.

Source: http://www.thestar.co.uk/

A trainer instructs a woman at an indoor Learn to Ride session

CPD course: Teaching adults to ride a bike for the first time

Date: Contact Pedal Ready if you are interested in this course

Venue: Scotia Works, Leadmill Road, Sheffield.  S1 4SE.

This course is aimed at National Standards Instructors who want to work on the technique for teaching adults who cannot ride.  The course will include both theoretical and practical elements and so it is essential that participants have a bike (to get to practical venue – if this is a problem give us a ring) and clothing suitable for poor weather.

Aims:  To give participants an opportunity to discuss how adults learn to ride and to deliver a session to each other in order to experience the practicalities.

Objectives:  By the end of the course, participants should have had an opportunity:

1.    to discuss the barriers adults face when trying to learn to ride a bike for the first time.

2.    to look at how a trainer can help the learner to overcome those barriers.

3.    to practice delivering a learn to ride training session to other course participants.

4.    to consider risk assessment on a learn to ride session

The session will start in the classroom to look at and discuss the theoretical issues.  We will then ride to a venue to practice delivering the practical session.  We will finish off with feedback from the practical session.

You will need to bring

  • A bike
  • Packed lunch (or buy from local shop)
  • Clothing appropriate to the weather
  • Basic tools you might need for bike adjustments (There will be tools available if you are not sure what to bring)

Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided

Cost £50 

A student undertakes Bikeability training on a road

Bikeability training for schoolchildren

Pedal Ready can deliver cycle training to Y5 and Y6 children at schools.  Qualified trainers deliver Bikeability levels 1 & 2 on the playground and on quiet roads close to the school.

Children who complete the course will be able to apply the techniques they have learned to make their cycling safer.

Anyone interested in booking a course at their school or parents with queries about the course should contact  (0114) 2412775 or admin@pedalready.co.uk

Paul Blomfield MP recieves cycle training tuition

“Brush up your cycling skills”, says local MP

Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central, took part in a city centre cycling skills session last week led by Pedal Ready instructor Ken Woodhouse.

Paul Blomfield said:
“I’ve been a cyclist all of my life, but I learned a lot in the Pedal Ready session about how to ride in traffic in the city.  Doing the cycling skills session has made me recognise the risks I was taking by getting things like my positioning on the road wrong.  It will definitely make my cycling safer.
“As a car driver you’re not able to drive on the roads without training, but training for cyclists hasn’t always been available.  I’d say to people thinking about cycling to work, school or university that it’s worth learning about cycling skills, and not assuming you know how to negotiate urban traffic.  With a basic level of training and better road awareness and understanding there’s really nothing to worry about.”

Pedal Ready’s sessions are available free to everyone in Sheffield, and offer help and advice to cyclists at every level from beginner to regular commuter.

Paul Blomfield is one of over a hundred MPs of all parties calling for a government action plan on increasing cycling, which encourages measures to include training.


Cycle Training in South Yorkshire